A Product, within the context of opendc, is a software application that is used to realise a Solution. The opendc platform uses a number of Products.


The Products that are currently used by opendc are listed in the following table.

Product Name Solutions Description
Kubernetes Dashboard Cluster Management (Kubernetes) The Kubernetes Dashboard is used to mange the Kubernetes cluster through a web interface.
Ceph Distributed block storage (Ceph) Ceph is used to attach block storage to the Containers.
OpenDJ Identity Management (OpenDJ+Keycloak) OpenDJ is used as the LDAP server for the Identity Management Solution.
Keycloak Identity Management (OpenDJ+Keycloak) Keycloak is used as the web UI for managing users and groups in the Identity Management Solution.
Traefik HTTP/S Reverse Proxy (Traefik) Traefik is used for the HTTP(S) Reverse Proxy Solution.
Prometheus Metrics (Prometheus) Prometheus is used to collect, parse and store metrics from various endpoints.
Grafana Metrics (Prometheus) Grafana is used to visualise and query Prometheus metrics.
Elasticsearch Logging (ELK+Kafka) Elasticsearch is used to store logs from various endpoints.
Logstash Logging (ELK+Kafka) Logstash is used to collect, parse and forward logs to Kafka and Elasticsearch.
Kibana Logging (ELK+Kafka) Kibana is used to visualise and query logs from Elasticsearch
Kafka Logging (ELK+Kafka) Kafka is used to temporarily buffer logs before they are forwarded to Elasticsearch. This allows for bursts of logs to be ingested without overwhelming Elasticsearch.
Zookeeper Logging (ELK+Kafka) Zookeeper is used by Kafka to maintain cluster state.
Jenkins Job Management (Jenkins) Jenkins is used to define and run jobs, i.e. CI/CD build/test/deploy jobs.
Artifactory Artifact Storage (Artifactory) Artifactory is used to store the build artifacts from a build. It is also used to store the dependancies needed for the builds.
Portus Image Repository (Portus) Portus provides an web based UI, with security, for the Docker image repository.

Product Roadmap

Next Products

The following Products will be added to opendc in the near future.

  • Gitlab.
  • Nextcloud.
  • Mattermost

Possible Products

The following Products will possibly be added to opendc in the future.

  • Taiga.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • etc.....

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