Is everything open source?

Yes. However some products have paid versions. If you find a product particularly useful I recommend paying for it to help maintain the continued development of the product.

Why have you created this project?

To allow for smaller organisations to more easily innovate on digital content. To allow organisations to regain control of their IT. To minimise the cost barrier when providing digital content. To democratize access to professional capabilities without being locked into a particular vendor.

Do you make money from opendc?

Not from opendc itself. However, money might be made in providing consulting services at some point in the future. And there may also be a paid product that adds additional value. Although this is not a given. Most importantly though, opendc will always be free.

Is this a silver bullet to all my IT needs?

No. Opendc makes it quick and easy to bootstrap a set of IT Capabilities. However, to fully understand and learn how to use all of these Capabilities will take considerable time and effort. Also, the provided Solutions may not suit your requirements. Meaning customisation will be needed.

What if there is a feature that I really need?

You are free to integrate your own Solutions. If the Solution could be useful to the community, and it does not compromise your business activity, then please consider making a pull request and contributing it back to opendc.

What does fully integrated 'out of the box' mean?

Where can I run opendc?


How do I upgrade the version of Kubernetes?

How do I add my opendc installation files to Git?

First, create a Git repository. Then get the remote URL and run the following commands inside the opendc installation directory.

$ git init
$ git remote add <remote_url>
$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "Initial commit”

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