The opendc topology is comprised of both a base topology for the platform components and a topology for each of the Solutions.

Base Topology

The components that make up the opendc base topology are shown in the following diagram and described in the table beneath.

opendc base topology

Name Description
Ansible Host The Ansible Host is used to install, manage and update the opendc base components.
Kubernetes Masters The Kubernetes Masters manage the Kubernetes cluster.
Kubernetes Nodes The Kubernetes Nodes run the workloads.
Fileserver The Fileserver is used to download the installation media for the opendc base components.
Image Registry Mirror The Image Registry Mirror is used to cache pulled Docker images. This greatly improves performance for Kubernetes Nodes when using previously pulled images.
CA The CA (Certificate Authority) is used to generate the private keys and certificates for the opendc base components and the opendc Solutions.
NTP Server The NTP Server is used by the opendc nodes to synchronise the time and date. Vital in a distributed system .

Solution Topology

Each Solution for a Capability has its own topology. Details of which can be found on the specific Solutions documentation page, i.e. Distributed Block Storage (Ceph).

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