Open Datacentre, also known as opendc, provides a set of curated open source Products within the productivity, development and infrastructure domains. These Products are integrated and secured "out of the box" with management provided by Kubernetes, Helm and Ansible.

opendc overview


Opendc attempts to provide an entire set of integrated IT Capabilities that can be stood up rapidly and with little to no cost (dependant on where opendc is hosted). The provided Capabilities can be categorised into the following areas.

  • Management of a business with productivity Products.
  • Development and hosting of digital content with development and infrastructure Products.

The intention is to give small / medium and non-profit organisations the ability to easily stand up an infrastructure that rivals the Capabilities of an enterprise, thus freeing them to focus their resources on providing business value.


Opendc has Capabilities that are realised through Solutions. These Solutions are implemented by Products with a relevant configuration. Each Capability can potentially have multiple Solutions, leaving the choice of which to use up to the end user.

opendc cpability / solution / product

The opendc platform has a number of Providers that allow it to be deployed to various cloud providers or on bare metal.


Details about the opendc topology can be found here.


Details about how to install opendc can be found here.


Details of the opendc roadmap can be found here.

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